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“When each and every person is empowered to be their best, we get a better world in return. Guaranteed”!

Successes and failures, I have experienced and seen both up-close. Curious as I am, I searched with our team at me.scan company for the key to success and the causes of failure. How can you be sure to be and stay successful, ánd how do you prevent failures? A question that seems complex and impossible to answer. Until we realized that the answer is of stunning simplicity. People make the difference. It's not the circumstances that make the difference, nor is it the influences from outside. People are at the root of every success and every failure.


Peter van Nieuwburg
co-founder and ceo me.scan company


me.scan company provides tools that give people and organizations insight into their natural potential and help them value and develop this potential. This is how we support them to make choices that are valuable for themselves and their surroundings. 


We develop tools that are positive, supportive and accessible. We share our expertise and work with organizations that make a relevant and sustainable contribution to individuals, teams, organizations and society as a whole. 


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