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Peter van Nieuwburg

Developer of the Me.-scan®
Co-founder, Co-owner and CEO of TheTrueTalentTeam Group BV

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The Me.-scan®

The most in-depth psychometric tool around!


A life long impact in 10 minutes

Almost all instruments in the market work with questions, just as the Me.-scan does with the competency choices that only appeal to personal consciousness. 
Each response to a question or statement is a cognitive process, which means that it mainly provides insight into a person's self-image. The backgrounds of behaviour (or lack of behaviour) are not detectable from cognition or self-image. In the light of talent development and personal development, insight into the unconscious layers, in which talents, obstacles and motives can be found, is important. This insight can only be obtained by addressing not only the cognitive level but also the level of personal experience.


Talent in the Picture

The Me.-scan is a talent scan that can be completed online within 10 to 15 minutes on a laptop, tablet/iPad and/or smartphone. The Me.-scan consists of two parts. In the first part, a combination of images and symbols addresses the level of personal perception. This perception provides direct insight into the behavioural areas that someone prefers or dislikes and thus into his or her talents and allergies. In the second part of the Me.-scan, out of 24 competencies, the 10 competencies are selected that someone finds most compatible with his or her strengths.

Do you want to know more about the Me.-scan, go to  for additional information.

Click on the link below to register and do the Me.-scan and receive a free overview of your Me.-profile

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Facts on the Me.-scan

We at TheTrueTalentTeam are proud of the impact we made since we brought  the Me.-scan to the Market in 2013



More than 60,000 people experienced the Me.-scan since 2013. Whether it's someone at board level of a large corporate, a young professional or a student; the Me.-scan opens possibilities that are new and unexpected.



More than 4,000 organizations, both profit and non-profit, use the Me.-scan to support the personal development of their staff, team development of their teams or use it to support their clients.


Accredited Me.-coaches

More than 400 coaches, team coaches, HR professionals and teachers accredited to work with the Me.-scan. With Me.-coaches in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Japan, Poland and The Gambia, the Me.-scan is helping people in a growing number of countries.

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TheTrueTalentTeam Group BV

TheTrueTalentTeam is a social impact-driven business I founded in 2013 together with Heleen Eliens.

What is our drive?

With the development of the Me.-scan we want to enable everyone in the world to recognize, appreciate and develop their 'True Talents' and to support them in making the choices in life that are valuable for themselves and their environment.

How do we achieve our drive?
We achieve it by building tools that are positive, supportive and accessible, sharing our expertise and forming a 'Team' with organizations and leaders who have the power and scalability to create a relevant and sustainable impact on individuals, teams, organizations and society as a whole.

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What's driving me.

I build the psychometric tools that empower professionals to create a sustainable positive impact on the personal development of individuals and on the performance of teams. With that, I contribute to an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to develop, use and capitalize on their Natural Strengths and Talents.

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Some of the numerous clients who worked with the Me.-scan

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