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De most in-depth psychometric tool around!

The Me-scan is the fastest and most in-depth psychometric tool around. A fast 10 minute process provides you stunning and concise insights into your strengths and weaknesses, even into parts of your personality you never knew were there!

The Me.-scan

Talent in the picture

Making the unconscious conscious

Almost all instruments in the market work with questions or propositions, just as the Me. scan does with the competency choices that only appeal to the personal conscious. 
Each response to a question or statement is a cognitive process, which means that it mainly provides insight into a person's self-image. The backgrounds of behavior (or lack of behavior) are not detectable from cognition or self-image. In the light of talent development and personal development, insight into the unconscious layers, in which talents, obstacles and motives can be found, is important. This view can only be obtained by addressing not only the cognitive level but also the level of personal experience.

How it works

The Me.-scan is a talent scan that can be completed online within 10 to 15 minutes on a laptop, tablet/iPad and/or smartphone. The Me.-scan consists of two parts. In the first part, a combination of images and symbols addresses the level of personal perception. This perception provides direct insight into the behavioural areas that someone prefers or dislikes and thus into his or her talents and allergies. In the second part of the Me.-scan, out of 24 competencies, the 10 competencies are selected that someone finds most compatible with his or her qualities.

Try the Me.-scan

Are you curious about the Me.-scan? With TheTrueTalentTeam link below, you can register at our platform "" and do the full version of the Me.-scan. You'll receive a short overview of your scan and a concise pointer for your personal development.

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